Intro to Dressmaking: Session 1

April 23, 2019




Ah, the perils of making a-line skirts.. 😬🧵
As I was choosing fabric at the beginning of class this wee tartan beauty jumped out at me and reminded me that I need a Heathers themed outfit... 2 birds with 1 stone me thinks 🌟 


I had such apprehension about taking a step up to a more advanced class after a bit of a break from my first stint. I’m not going to lie, it was bloody tough and frustrating at times. I was pretty much the slowest in class and made mistakes like cutting my pattern out wrong (note to self: sellotaping a pattern back together is not so easy... take it slow the first time!!)


I’ve always struggled with comparing myself to others and have a track record of giving up on things before I give myself a chance - I hate being crap at something! Pushing myself into courses like this are doing me the world of good - the cost of the course is incentive enough to stick it out through the hard parts!!


The fabulous teacher gave a wonderful piece of advice that I’ll try and remind myself of in low points: 


“you are going to come out with an imperfect garment SO many times - it’s normal! Keep going and allow it to make you more resilient, determined and skilled”



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