Work It @ Gigi’s Dressing Room

Thank you for sharing your sustainable wisdom and doing it so gorgeously 🌟 

I made pretty atrocious notes during this fabulous discussion as I was pretty engrossed, but key points that resonated with me were;

- stop googling ‘sustainable fashion’, seeing a pair of beige hemp trousers and thinking that’s the only offer in the game (disclaimer: love a beige hemp trousers as much as the next person, but hey your girl just loves colour 🤷🏻‍♀️) - collaboration is what helps us to be innovative and for sustainability to move forward, we have to be inclusive - Consumers will only change what they buy and how much they’re willing to pay if they get something extra (and rightly so) - Some people (ME) just need to buy less, let’s be honest - Relax! Becoming more fashion-sustainable doesn’t just happen overnight... See what you need and start simply with the basics. Take it step by step - everything you buy that’s ethically and/or sustainably sourced  is one thing better in your wardrobe RESEARCH: - Rentals - a potential solution to fast fashion’s ‘one-nighter’ outfits - Recycling and rescuing, the circular economy GET INVOLVED: 

- Fashion revolution week - Who made my clothes

Have a peek at some bad-ass sustainable fashion work on instagram @freimanemadara @wyl_store @sustainablehustle and @gigisdressingrm


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