Frida Forever

This exhibition gave me all sorts of feelings. It was beautiful, sensitive and detailed. There could have been more information on Frida's activism, sexuality and general bad-assness in my opinion, but I bought a biography in the shop to correct that!

The exhibition culminated in an opulant, intoxicating room full of Frida's clothing, but the rest of the exhibition also gave insight into other items that were intrinsic to the woman, artist and icon that we all know. Her medical corsets for example, that she painted herself, her medicines, her cosmetics. All of these items I could not have dreamed of seeing as part of an exhibition in her honour. I'd always known of her as an incredible artist, who had some cracking style.

The stories behind such unique and considered art, and style, light up my soul. I leave such exhibitions feeling as if I've taken a hit of something calming - completely and utterly blissed out. I must make more time and expend more energy to visit museums more often. I think that being in a couple and living within walking distance to my work both combine to give me less reason to venture out to such excursions... I've fallen into rather bad (lazy) habits without even realising it, which is no one's fault but mine... It is so intrinsically important to create space for the things that feed your soul. I can feel the knock on effect already, in my mood, relationships and work.

Thank you Frida.


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