A rose amongst (whitewashed & clinical) thorns... in South West London.

My partner's fabulous family live in a quiet, residential area in South West London. Their home and garden stick out a mile away from the whitewashed, clinical properties on either side, as well as pretty much the rest of the street. The warmth and vibrancy of their place has been a source of great comfort to me, particularly since my parents moved to the Lake District over the summer. It astounds me that anyone would not want to accentuate and celebrate the amazing period features of an old house, but this seems to be "the look" for so many... What is the point of stripping out a house's character and blanketing it in bland white?!

My partner's mum in particular has an impeccable and outrageous sense of style, being a designer and artist - and it shows in their beautiful and lively home.

I would so love to see more homes with this vibrancy literally shining through to the exterior!!

I think that this boldness and experimenting with colour is one of the things that makes my partner and her family so inspirational to me.

Don't ever be too afraid to express yourself and your style - through any channel!!


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