Boogie (Woven) Wonderland

I've finally picked this beloved (albeit neglected) blog back up, as well as a new sketchbook and pencils! Life has been so busy and stressful these past months... I'd forgotten about my wonderful woven world and how happy it 's made me during difficult times. I

started this blog in Kenya, where my eyes were re-opened to all those beautiful textiles and prints that you can spot and obtain so much pleasure from, if only you take the time to stop and look. It had been so long since I did just that - stopped and looked for the sheer pleasure of it. I haven't sewn so much as a button in almost ten years and have been feeling rather lost if truth be told, as if I've never given myself the chance to have a defining "thing" (for want of a more eloquent way to put it).

However! At long last the time has come (yes, I may have had a cliched quarter-century crisis) and this month I'm ordering a sewing machine, stepping back into my happiest place - the woven wonderland. There is such a rich and intense textile scene in Waltham Forest, where I've lived for the past year. I think it's about time I made more of it and explored the textiles scene that makes the borough so colourful.


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